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COVIDCheck Colorado Testing Ends June 30

Posted 6/17/2022
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The State of Colorado will be ending its testing program with COVIDCheck Colorado on June 30. Many of you have become familiar with the Aurora Public Schools testing site at our Professional Learning and Conference Center. That site along with all others through COVIDCheck Colorado will be shut down after June 30.

Please note that you can still get tested through your local healthcare provider, many pharmacies and there is testing information available on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website.

Updated Health and Safety Protocols Begin March 21

Posted 3/10/2022
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In consultation with our local public health partner, the Tri-County Health Department, we will implement the following updated guidance starting on Monday, March 21:

Please note that any unvaccinated staff will be required to follow the health requirements outlined in their accommodation plans.

Masks No Longer Required on School Buses and Bus Stops
We will no longer require students and staff to wear masks on school buses and at school bus stops. This is in alignment with guidance that the Centers for Disease Control issued on February 25. Masks are no longer required on buses or vans operated by public or private school systems including education/child care programs. 

5-Day Isolation Still Required for Individuals who Test Positive
All students and staff who test positive for COVID-19 will continue to be required to isolate at home and stay away from others for five days. Those individuals will be required to wear their masks at school for the following five days upon returning to school.

Quarantines Still Only Required When Outbreaks are Identified
Quarantines will continue to only be required if an outbreak is identified in a school. Once again, an outbreak is defined as five or more positive and/or probable cases tied to an original case.

Please be assured that we will continue to notify you via automated phone call, email and text message if your student needs to quarantine. This includes if there is a positive case in your household and your student has not been vaccinated or had COVID-19 within the past 90 days.

Due to the significant decrease in community transmission that we are seeing, we will no longer send out school-wide notifications on a weekly basis. However, we will continue to keep our COVID-19 tracker updated daily.  

Continue to Get Tested Regularly

Continue to Stay Home if You Develop Symptoms

Remote Learning Will Not be Required on Snow Days

Weather Closure Information

Posted 9/30/2021
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Based on parent, staff and student feedback, we have decided to keep snow days as school closures, which is what APS has traditionally done. This means that remote learning will not be required on snow days.

We recognize that there may be some families who wish to continue learning at home during snow days, so we will continue to remind students and families about our remote learning resources that are available on our website. Please use these resources to accelerate learning at home including reading ebooks with your student through Sora and the Aurora Public Library.

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COVID-19 Tracking

As cases of COVID-19 are confirmed positive, Aurora Public Schools will continue to keep this information updated on our website. Please see the information below that details current COVID-19 tracking. In accordance with the Tri-County Health Department's (TCHD) guidelines, we will remove a case from the tracker below once it has been resolved.

Important Update: In accordance with health guidance, APS will only require proactive quarantining when an outbreak is identified. Outbreaks are defined as five or more positive and/or probable cases tied to an original case.

APS nurses will work with families on best practices and will provide guidance if a family member in the home tests positive for COVID-19. APS will continue to follow TCHD’s infectious disease guidelines and take additional health measures as directed by TCHD.

This updated guidance means that APS will only notify school communities (staff, parents and guardians) weekly about positive and/or symptomatic cases. APS will also keep this COVID-19 tracker updated with reported positive cases at schools or sites on a daily basis (Monday-Friday).

If you do not see COVID-19 tracking data below, you can view it in a separate window here.

We have created an email address to respond to specific concerns related to the district’s COVID-19 response. If you have concerns about current health guidelines or protocols that are in place, please send an email to Please know that we will work to respond within three business days or as quickly as possible. This email address was created to respond quickly and directly to individuals who share concerns. As such, we cannot respond to anonymous emails or those that do not include any specific information. 

If you would like to report a non-COVID-19 concern about a threat to student or staff safety, please contact Safe2Tell. Callers may remain anonymous. The number is 1-877-542-SAFE (1-877-542-7233).

The COVID-19 pandemic forced school districts across the country and world to abruptly change their traditional school learning models. APS worked quickly to transition all students to remote learning and to provide as much support and stability as possible for students, staff and families. Throughout the global health crisis, APS sought to listen, engage and learn from our stakeholders while also basing health and safety decisions on the latest science and guidance from our public health agencies. 

Below are some of our major lessons learned. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, it is a starting point for many conversations that we need to continue to have about how to best serve the APS community in recovering from the pandemic. We are using our many engagement efforts to determine our lessons learned as well as how to strategically deploy dollars from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER). As school districts receive ESSER funding, they are required to utilize robust community engagement in their plans for spending. These dollars will be critical to our recovery over the next three years. We hope to continue to learn from you and engage with you, our partners in ensuring that every APS student shapes a successful future.

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