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COVID-19 Vaccines for Children Ages 5 and Up, Updated Health Guidance

Posted 11/3/2021
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We are excited to share that the CDC has approved the Pfizer vaccine for emergency use authorization for children ages 5 to 11. Pfizer’s vaccine requires two doses that are administered 21 days apart. Vaccines must be proven to be safe and effective before they are administered. Children ages 5 to 11 can now start getting vaccinated along with children ages 12 and up. Other updated health guidance includes:

Symptom Monitoring and Isolation
Any student or staff member (regardless of vaccination status) who shows COVID-like illness and has major symptoms that last longer than 24 hours or minor symptoms that last more than 48 hours, will be required to provide a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test or isolate at home for 10 days before they can return to school.

Inconsistent Mask Compliance Will Require Students to Quarantine
Another important update is that if students do not consistently wear their masks throughout the school day, they may be required to quarantine. 

Remote Learning Will Not be Required on Snow Days

Weather Closure Information

Posted 9/30/2021
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Based on parent, staff and student feedback, we have decided to keep snow days as school closures, which is what APS has traditionally done. This means that remote learning will not be required on snow days.

We recognize that there may be some families who wish to continue learning at home during snow days, so we will continue to remind students and families about our remote learning resources that are available on our website. Please use these resources to accelerate learning at home including reading ebooks with your student through Sora and the Aurora Public Library.

Free, Voluntary COVID-19 Testing Available at Schools Soon!

Posted 9/26/2021
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We are excited to announce that APS is participating in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s COVID-19 weekly surveillance testing program! Within the coming months, our schools will offer free and voluntary tests each week to provide an extra mitigation layer to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Testing and early detection is a critical step in keeping our students and staff healthy and maintaining in-person learning. Please note that Child Development Centers will not be able to participate in this weekly testing program.

Mask Requirement Extended to Students and Staff at All School Buildings

Posted 8/31/2021
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As COVID-19 cases continue to increase in our community and across the country, the Tri-County Health Department has issued a universal mask order for all individuals aged 2 years and older in all school and child care settings, regardless of vaccination status. This order is in effect from Sept. 1, 2021 until Dec. 31, 2021, unless amended, extended or rescinded based on conditions. Starting Sept. 1, all students and staff must wear masks while inside ALL of our school buildings serving grades P-12 as well as at Pickens Technical College. APS was already requiring students and staff in Child Development Centers, elementary, P-8 / K-8 and middle schools to wear masks. Now this requirement will expand to all high schools and to Pickens Technical College. 

As a reminder, all visitors to our school buildings are also required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status

Quarantines Required for Higher-Risk Exposures (Athletics, Field Trips and After-School Band, Choir and Performing Arts)

Posted 8/13/2021

TCHD has provided additional guidance that quarantines will be required for unvaccinated students and staff who are exposed to positive cases during higher-risk extracurricular activities. This includes all athletics, field trips and after-school bands, choirs and performing arts groups.

Important Information about Health Guidelines for Student Athletes in Grades 6-12

Fall Sports ProfilesPosted 7/26/2021
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As we prepare for the 2021-22 school year, we would like to share health guidelines and expectations for student athletes to protect against the spread of COVID-19. Our top priority is ensuring that students remain safe and healthy while participating in athletics in APS. In order to keep our student athletes as safe as possible, we will adhere to the following health guidelines for the 2021-22 school year.

Student athletes will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination OR be tested for COVID-19 every two weeks while participating in a sport. Prior to the start of each athletic season, students must provide their school’s athletic office with their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of the start of the season. If students are not vaccinated, they must provide proof of testing every two weeks throughout the season to continue to participate in athletics.

Student athletes will not be required to wear masks while participating in sports. Please note that COVID-19 health guidelines may frequently change. We will provide further details for any future changes to our health protocols as quickly as possible. 

Updated Health Guidance for the 2021-22 School Year

Posted 7/23/2021, Updated 8/20/2021
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As we approach the start of the upcoming school year, many of you are likely eager to learn about what health guidelines will look like for students and staff next year. Below is the latest information that we have about updated guidelines.

Please know that our health measures are in accordance with guidance from the Tri-County Health Department (TCHD), Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All of these agencies strongly recommend that school districts take a layered approach to mitigating the transmission of COVID-19 as much as possible. This means using multiple mitigation measures layered on top of one another to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Below are details about APS’ layered approach. 

Of course, public health guidance may change quickly and frequently depending on circumstances, so please be assured that we will share information with you as quickly as possible. We thank you in advance for your flexibility, understanding and support.

FREE Vaccine Clinics for APS Families

Posted 6/21/2021
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We are excited that Coloradans ages 12 and older are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Aurora Public Schools is partnering with the STRIDE Community Health Clinic and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to host vaccination clinics for our families. Our next clinic is scheduled for Friday, June 25 at Vista PEAK Exploratory. We also have vaccine clinics scheduled for July 6, July 9 and July 16 at other locations.

Vaccines are free of charge and will be provided by appointment only. Please click here to view the complete schedule, register and learn more.

APS Learning Models for the 2021-22 School Year

Posted 5/21/2021
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We look forward to ending this school year with excitement and optimism about the 2021-22 school year. As such, we wanted to provide you with as much information as possible, so that you can make the learning model choice that is best for your student for the next school year.

APS will be providing three different learning models. However, not all models will be available for all grade levels. Please watch the video below and read through the information included in the link below to make the choice that is best for your student. Please note that all APS families will need to make a choice by June 4. If you do not notify your child’s school of a selection, your student will automatically be placed into the fully in-person learning model.

Read all APS Messages and Information Related to COVID-19

COVID-19 Tracking

As cases of COVID-19 are confirmed positive, Aurora Public Schools will continue to keep this information updated on our website. Please see the information below that details current COVID-19 tracking. In accordance with the Tri-County Health Department's (TCHD) guidelines, we will remove a case from the tracker below once it has been resolved.

Important Update: In accordance with health guidance, APS will no longer require proactive quarantining of those who may have been exposed to a positive and/or symptomatic individual within the school setting. Quarantines are required for higher-risk exposures including all athletics, field trips and after-school bands, choirs and performing arts groups. Quarantines are also required when an outbreak is identified. Outbreaks are defined as five or more positive and/or probable cases tied to an original case.

APS nurses will work with families on best practices and will provide guidance if a family member in the home tests positive for COVID-19. APS will continue to follow TCHD’s infectious disease guidelines and take additional health measures as directed by TCHD.

This updated guidance means that APS will no longer notify school communities (staff, parents and guardians) about positive and/or symptomatic cases. Staff, parents and guardians will no longer receive emails and automated phone calls about positive cases. Instead, APS will keep this COVID-19 tracker updated with reported positive cases. The tracker will remain updated on a daily basis (Monday-Friday) with any reports of positive cases at schools.

If you do not see COVID-19 tracking data below, you can view it in a separate window here.

We have created an email address to respond to specific concerns related to the district’s COVID-19 response. If you have concerns about current health guidelines or protocols that are in place, please send an email to Please know that we will work to respond within three business days or as quickly as possible. This email address was created to respond quickly and directly to individuals who share concerns. As such, we cannot respond to anonymous emails or those that do not include any specific information. 

If you would like to report a non-COVID-19 concern about a threat to student or staff safety, please contact Safe2Tell. Callers may remain anonymous. The number is 1-877-542-SAFE (1-877-542-7233).

The COVID-19 pandemic forced school districts across the country and world to abruptly change their traditional school learning models. APS worked quickly to transition all students to remote learning and to provide as much support and stability as possible for students, staff and families. Throughout the global health crisis, APS sought to listen, engage and learn from our stakeholders while also basing health and safety decisions on the latest science and guidance from our public health agencies. 

Below are some of our major lessons learned. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, it is a starting point for many conversations that we need to continue to have about how to best serve the APS community in recovering from the pandemic. We are using our many engagement efforts to determine our lessons learned as well as how to strategically deploy dollars from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER). As school districts receive ESSER funding, they are required to utilize robust community engagement in their plans for spending. These dollars will be critical to our recovery over the next three years. We hope to continue to learn from you and engage with you, our partners in ensuring that every APS student shapes a successful future.

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